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Parents Cuddle Dead Boy for 18 Days

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Mark and Laura Elliot with their dead baby, Cowen

The Sun reports that 18 precious days after her newborn baby son passed away, Laura Elliot cradled him and cuddle his tiny body.

Little Cowen died at just 17 days old, after contracting meningitis.

But, thanks to a “cuddle cot”, provided by a funeral home, Laura and her family were able to spend time bonding with him before laying him to rest.

Cowen was kept in a Moses basket, which has a special cooling pad inside.

It meant his little body could be kept cool, allowing his parents to visit every day for more than two weeks before his funeral in November.

Mum Laura was able to pick him up, cuddle and kiss him and spent as long as she wanted with him each day.

“We first heard about the cuddle cot when we started to talk about laying Cowen to rest,” she said.

“Once I heart about it I knew it would help us as a family and it was quite simply amazing.

“It allowed us to spend time and bond with Cowen and get to say goodbye and grieve properly.”

The day Cowen passed away, started normally, Laura recalled.

She went to feed her newborn and get him ready.

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“I knew something was wrong when I lifted the covers and noticed that his skin was mottled and he had pinprick bruising all over him,” she said.

Laura and her husband Mark, 31, rushed their son straight to the Royal Derby Hospital.

“It was so overwhelming as within minutes of getting there dozens of people had poured into the room to try and help,” she said.

“Specialists were coming from all over the country but it was already too late.

“After three-and-a half hours doctors told us they were going to have to stop keeping Cowen alive and he passed away.”

Every day in the aftermath of his death, Laura would arrive at the Central England Co-operative Funeralcare in Chaddesden near Derby, at 9.15am to visit her son.

It (the cuddle cot) was quite simply amazing. It allowed us to spend time and bond with Cowen and get to say goodbye and grieve properly

Laura ElliotCowen’s Mum

“He was in a room by himself and it was nice that you could go whenever you wanted, even on the weekends,” the 27-year-old said.

“We could pick him up and hold him and cuddle and kiss him.

“It was like he was still with us.

“It helped me to grieve and I found it comforting.”

Laura and her husband Mark, 31, were given the option of bringing Cowen home in the cot, but decided it would be too hard for their other kids, Ethan, six, and Skyla, three.

Central England Co-operative Funeralcare are the first funeral directors in Britain to offer the refrigerated “cuddle cots” for grieving parents.

The devices, which were introduced by them last summer, are commonly used by hospices and hospitals across the UK.

Laura and Mark are now raising money to buy one for their local hospital, the Royal Derby.

“These devices are vital to help parents who have lost a child and there are simply not enough of them,” Laura said.

“The use of a cuddle cot will not be for everyone but for me it was what I needed and meant I could bond and properly say goodbye to my son.

“I will never, ever forget being given the chance to do that.”

Source: the sun.uk

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